live sound

KIND OF WORKup to 10h1over 10h1over 16h1
symph. orchestra38000 CZK2800 CZK/h1100 CZK/h
chamb. orchestra37000 CZK2700 CZK/h1000 CZK/h
ensemble, choir36000 CZK2600 CZK/h800 CZK/h
commercial FOH46000 CZK2600 CZK/h800 CZK/h
opera, theatre45000 CZK2500 CZK/h700 CZK/h
rental tech45000 CZK2500 CZK/h700 CZK/h
large band55000 CZK2500 CZK/h700 CZK/h
mid band54000 CZK2400 CZK/h600 CZK/h
small band53000 CZK2400 CZK/h600 CZK/h
monitor engineer4000 CZK2400 CZK/h600 CZK/h
production work6400 CZK/h
blocked day7+ 2500 CZK2
additional band+ 1000 CZK2
monitors from FOH8+ 500 CZK2
PA design9+ 1000 CZK2
multitrack recording10+ 1000 CZK2
more information

1 Sound engineering work on the show day starts by preparation for the show and ends by leaving the venue after the show is packed. Travel time to and from the venue longer than 1 hour is counted in as workday hours.

2 Please note these are minimum prices for my sound engineering work. The actual prices may differ according to your show’s needs, unusual added responsibility and the country of the spectacle.

3 Ensemble has up to 12 members, chamber orchestra has up to 40 members, symphonic orchestra has more than 40 members.

4 Working as commercial FOH, opera, theatre or rental tech includes one mid band5, one monitors from FOH8 and accompanying sound engineering, such as speech or playback music. Commercial FOH are shows with the intent of (non)direct profit.

5 Small band has up to 3 members, mid band has up to 6 members, large band has more than 6 members.

6 This hour rate will be charged in addition to the show day fee for tasks such as preparation before the show day, production communication, reviewing riders, a visit to the venue of your choice, making a list of equipment needed for your show, arranging external equipment rental, transport of rented equipment, creating time schedule and other necessary tasks according to your show’s needs.

7 A blocked day is a day needed for travel to / from the place of your show, or a day of sleep needed after the show day, when the work ends later than 2 AM.

8 This fee is separate to allow for lower FOH sound engineer cost for bands with their own monitor engineer or bands with own IEM mixing console solution.

9 Applicable to shows in venues without fixed PA installation, site specific shows or any other shows requiring design and installation of line array loudspeakers.

10 Multitrack recording fee contains setting up audio interface(s), recording computer(s) or other recording equipment, optional setup of additional microphones and verifying gain settings for the recording. The result is a multitrack recording without postproduction, ready to be mixed.

Contact me when in doubt as where to put a project you have in mind.

Looking forward.