Current work:

Khoiba (since 2019)

Zrní (since 2015)

Correction (since 2014)


Past works:

Swish (2016 - 2019)


What I love: influential voice, moving beats, expressive atmospheres

What I want: to deliver intended sound and experience


Sound interests:

- live music in various spaces, emotional impact on the audience

- private events and conferences, opera, open air, site specific shows

- on location recording, live multitrack recording, live music videos

- turn-key event audio solutions, equipment selection and PA design

- fusion of electronic instruments and acoustic instruments

- experimental music, jazz music, new media and art installations

- coping with challenging acoustic environments, speech intelligibility

- dynamic EQ's, precise delaying of signal where needed

- natural sounding reverbs, real rooms reverb recording




live sound, Zrní

- Kotelna music club, Litomyšl

live sound, BBC talkshow

- Archa Theatre, Prague



show Correction, VerTeDance

- Maison de la dance, Lyon

corporate event, CEA awards

- DOX Plus, Prague



show Correction, VerTeDance & Clarinet Factory

- Aichi Arts Centre, Tokyo

experimental music recording, Quarter To Three

- HAMU, Prague



live recording, Contempuls Festival

- Dox Plus, Prague

live sound, folk group Šarvanci

- Ponec Theatre, Prague



show Swish, Hradílková & col.

- Rialto Theatre, Limassol

jazz recording, Molotow Moloch Quartet

- Ponec theatre, Prague



live sound, ambient electronics

- private flat, Prague

live sound, ambient electronics

- Studio Alta, Prague



ambient electronics sleepover, Silent Night

- Ponec Theatre, Prague

my own bachelor thesis recording

- Sound Studio HAMU, Prague



show Ceviche, VerTeDance & Zrní

- Václav Havel Square, Prague

interactive children's show Momo

- Ponec Theatre, Prague




What I love: intuitive, customizable and modular user interfaces

What I want: to improve the user interface experience



- universal networked controllers

- 'multiple ways to solve the task' layouts

- balancing physical and graphical part of the user interface



custom designed XFCE Linux UI


my custom XFCE Linux UI


Segment Synthesizer prototype 2016


Segment Synthesizer prototype 2016


Segment Synthesizer prototype 2016 - disassembled


display testing for Segment Synthesizer prototype




What I love: unobtrusive and timeless light objects

What I want: more direct control for digital artists


Lighting interests:

- precise colors, high color rendering index

- precision stepless dimming and movement

- easy, dependable and scalable control

- less waste, less mediocre solutions



pixel led strip controller prototyping


pixel led strip controller prototyping


studio photo shooting with Jana Vrana using linear RGBW lights


40cm and 3m RGBW crosses - show Black & White, Jana Vrana


CAD printed circuit board - show Pukani, Marketa Jandova


printed circuit board - show Pukani, Marketa Jandova




Well here you go!


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or we have something in common,

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